Welcome to the gotestserver

The repo for this project can be found here: https://github.com/dsundquist/gotestserver

Local - Functions

/cookie?name1=value1 - Set Cookie - returns a cookie for testing through proxy, Access, and/or cloudflared
/public - Serve files from ./public
/readme - The README page for this program
/request - Print the request headers as the server sees them
/response?header1=value1&header2=value2 - Set the response headers
/302?https://www.google.com - Redirect to a specific site

The default is to return the request headers

Local - Error sub directories:

/403 - Forbidden
/404 - Not Found
/405 - Method Not Allowed
/500 - Internal Server Error
/502 - Bad Gateway
/503 - Service Unavailable
/504 - Gateway Timeout
/520 - CF - Web server returns an unknown error
  /522 - See Below
/524 - CF - A timeout occurred

External - The muliple instances of this server

www.gotestserver.com Server listening on port 80
https.gotestserver.com Server listening on port 443
grey.gotestserver.com Server listening on port 80, Gray-Clouded
tunnel.gotestserver.com Server is behind a Cloudflared tunnel
access.gotestserver.com Server behind Access
access-tunnel.gotestserver Server is behind Access and a Cloudflared tunnel
mtls.gotestserver.com Server requires mTLS access (see ./client.cert and ./client.key)
522.gotestserver.com Server drops all ACK packets
522-tunnel.gotestserver.com The server behind a tunnel drops all ACK packets